Vigilantes Rescue Kidnap Victim

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Last week, the Hathian Police Department demonstrated why the majority of the city believe that they do not do their job.

Around the 5th of January, Blue Handrick, long time figure head at the Titty Twister, was captured by the Crows gang for unknown reasons. While the HPD were “given the chance and even asked to help,” that help never arrived.

“We were told we would get help from the HPD,” claims Matthew Mueller, an employee at Titty Twister. “Well, we didn’t.”

When help never arrived, he and his girlfriend Kaly, another Titty Twister employee, decided to take action. On the 10th of January, they went to the known gang hideout of The Crows. There was only one gang member there, and they were able  to rescue their boss.

“Conveniently, the cops showed up and arrested the Crow,” says Mueller. “I’m sure they’ll take credit for that one.”

Handrick suffered what Mueller is calling “mostly minor” injuries. She was reportedly beat, and had a nail ripped from her finger, though could have unseen internal injuries. She was taken to the hospital shortly after being rescued.

Mueller said he wanted this public to show the “incompetence” and  “corruption” of the institution the city trusts to protect it.

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