New Accusations Against HPD: Price Gouging?

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Allegations of corruption have followed the Hathian Police Department for as long as anyone can remember, from assault to rape to kidnap. Though, price gouging has yet to be something the institution has been accused of, until now.

An anonymous source claims that the officers plant bogus charges and citations on people in order to bring in cash flow, which appears to go straight to paying staff instead of refurbishing the debilitated building and updating old features.

This source says that, while attempting to pay a fine of roughly $3000, they discovered that common methods of payment are denied and receipts are not given.

“They don’t take credit cards or cheques, and they don’t even give you a receipt,” says the source. “They said they couldn’t afford a card reader, but obviously they’re getting a large influx of money from fines. A card reader can’t be that expensive.”

Fines and citations are not the only way the department makes money. Bail accounts for a large amount of the department’s income as well.

“I was told that they only took cash. Who keeps that much cash on them?” continues the source. “I was instructed to go up the road to get cash from the ATM. That alone is dangerous, I could have been mugged.”

One has to question where all the money from criminals and regular citizens alike is going if it’s not being put back into the station itself. How large are the paycheques of that of Chief Nadir Taov, and Captain Stoneage, and how much do officers who have been accused of so much really need?

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