Serial Rapists Flee Saint Bernard

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Officials in Saint Bernard report that they have lost track of a pair of serial rapists Friday night after they fled from a roadside motel.

Even though authorities were on the scene within an hour of retrieving their location, the duo had already left, leaving nothing of significance behind. The surrounding area was searched, but no signs of them could be found.

The pair are responsible for a dozen rapes and assaults in Louisiana, and don’t seem to have a pattern they follow; none of the victims have noticeably similarities.

The main suspect, a male, is believed to be in his thirties. He has long black hair, brown eyes, a fit build, a medium complexion, and is taller than average. He is very unkempt and also has a large beard.

The second suspect is a young female, believed to be between the ages of 20 and 25 years old. She has black hair, brown eyes, a thick build, a fair complexion, and is taller than average. She also has glasses.

They are believed to be traveling south, given that their attacks move down the state over time. Officials warn people living south of Saint Bernard, which includes Hathian, to be on guard for any suspicious people or activity.

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