Death, Rape Video Surfaces On Twitter

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Stories of the horrifying torture during the gang takeover of the Hathian Police Department have started to leak on to the public stage.

During the second day of the takeover, December 14th, a video surfaced on Twitter from the account of Reject gang member Esperanza Hernandoz. The video showed the brutal rape of a female officer by the name of Kyna at the hands of another officer known as JK.

During the video, the woman screams and begs him to stop, and a gun, presumably pointed at the pair, can be seen moving in and out of the frame. This leads one to assume that the rape was forced on to the pair, possibly with the threat of death if they didn’t comply.

There is also another male officer in the background of the video. It is unknown whether he attempted to stop the assault, or was also forced to take part. What is known is that he was murdered shortly after the video was filmed, bringing the death toll during the takeover to three; two officers, one citizen.

This is, surly, just the tip of the iceberg. With the department back in the hands of the police, stories of horror, torture, and sorrow are likely to be brought to the public’s attention.

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