HPD Captured; Gangs Take Over Station

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Friday the 13th is an unlucky day for some, and utter terror for others. For those at the Hathian Police Department, it was definitely that. On December 13th, every gang in the city came together and forcibly took over the police department in what gang bangers are calling a “temporary alliance.”

The Hathian Observer was able to see the aftermath of this intense and unheard of occurrence after being granted exclusive access to the site.

In the early evening, members of The Rejects, The Crows, The Red Queens, and the Reapers stormed the building, armed with everything from pistols to knives to pieces of metal pipe. At this point, details about the attack are few and far between, but Sergent Charlie Feld was heard over police radio ordering all staff inside the station to “stand down before officers are killed.”

takeover“[The cops] took Piper [McAuley] months ago. It’s the only reason [The Rejects have] been quiet, but [the cops] mistook quiet for defeated. That’s how little the cops know these days,” says well known Reject, Esperanza Hernandoz when questioned about her gang’s motives. “It’s time they learn that there are those that will sink lower than they can imagine to keep this city as ours.”

Of course, each gang has a different reason for participating in the hostile take over of what has to be the most influential and well known facility in the city. Revenge, asserting authority, or simple boredom; all can be factors into why this occurred.

After a scuffle in the main floor of the station, which resulted in various injuries to the officers, including broken bones, gunshot wounds, and various scrapes, bruises, and cuts, each officer was cuffed and escorted down stairs to the cell block. They were placed inside cells, and forced to strip out of their uniforms to nothing but their underwear in the cold, dank basement.

There is no telling what these criminals have in mind for the officers being held hostage, or how long the seizure will take place. The one thing that’s certain is that the tables have turned on the once powerful Hathian Police Department.

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