Open Letter To The Hathian Observer

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To the reporter Jayda Ferrentino over the recent article: “Doctor Misuses Medical Supplies, assaults citizen.”:

When I finally got to read the article today, I did it with a good portion of surprise. Let me get things straight. I was no witness of the mentioned incident, so I can not contribute any to the investigation of this case. Of course I know both Dr. Blanchett and Dr. Delacour and I have met both as very nice and loyal colleagues. Yes, I am working at HGH myself, and I cannot believe that either of them did something wrong without good reason. However, I also don’t have a reason to think that the ‘victim’ is not speaking the truth.

However, independent of this, there is one thing in your article that I think deserves correction. To me, the article causes a sour taste against the HGH itself.

As it was back in the earlier discussions about individual staff members behaving incorrectly, staff members seem to be generalized when it comes to possible (I explicitly try not to judge either side of the incident) misconducts of individual members.

But those individuals who work hard to save your lives and health are never mentioned. They are taken for granted. That is the life of a doctor. I wouldn’t want public attention for what I do. The highest payment I can get is a satisfied smile from a patient once the treatment was successful. But it is not fair to shoot against HGH in general, and possibly scare away patients who would need our help but won’t come to get it because they fear mistreatment!

This, dear author, is also part of the work of a good journalist. Let me quote you: “Hathian General Hospital has seen some dishonest and mentally unstable medical staff causing problems in and out of the hospital before, and with it’s staff attempting to take the law as part of their responsibility to citizens of Hathian, it could create even more problems and cause difficulties in police work for the HPD.”

Its staff is more than two people (of which I still believe they had their reasons to do what they did!). Its staff is also dozens of good people who give their sleep, sweat and sometimes blood to rescue people who wouldn’t have any hope without them!

Even the ‘victim’ of this incident understood the difference between individual people and the generalization that is taking place in this, your, comment. And like I tried to outline, such a generalization is helping nobody!

Yours sincerely, Doctor C.

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