Gein Burgers Have Twice The Salt Concentration

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The conclusion that Gein Burger burgers have twice the salt concentration comes from the analysis of some of the most popular Gein Burger menus by an independent lab.

Unfortunately, Gein Burger Manager Kirvi Caspian was unavailable for comment despite the numerous attempts to reach her.

An employee of Gein Burger which didn’t wanted to be identified commented on how this is a tactic often used by even the biggest chains, “The more salt, the bigger the overpriced soda people buy, the difference in revenue is notorious enough to be worth doing it.”

When questioned about the consumers health implications of this tactic the employee had this to say: “We’re on minimum wages, often times we get paid days late. We do what we are told if we wanna keep the job, there’s always a mile long line of people looking for a job ready to replace us.”

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