Special Expose: Small Time Drug Dealer Behind Local Girl’s Death

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Small time dealer Meschiya Lane, otherwise known by her alias “Skittles”, 24,  was recently arrested by Officer Merrit  for assault on an unarmed victim, just another in a string of attacks that have fortunately  usually led to her arrest by officers of the HPD.

Lane’s criminal record is made up of assaults, robbery and disorderly conduct as well as public indecency. However the most significant crime for -which she has not yet been  charged with- was the murder of local Hathian citizen Kate Wales, 21.

The Hathian Observer can reveal that Meschiya Lane was the murderer behind Wale’s death as one of their own reporters Jayda Ferrentino worked under cover to gain information on the drug scene in Hathian and ended up gaining Lane’s trust which led to her witnessing the murder.

Ferrentino stated, “Mesch, as I called her, had already cut the girl’s tongue out for snitching some time ago but when Katie turned up in town after skipping out for awhile, she was hunted down by Mesch who killed her in her trailer out by Vodou.”

Speaking out about the drug operation Lane was running, she stated that Lane “..liked to think she was a big shot, scoring bricks of Colombian coke off of some Russian dude with his own gang ties, but in reality, she messes up so much she’s a liability. She deals in cocaine, ecstasy, speed, weed, everything good, I mean..hard core to soft.”

She says she was able to befriend Lane after serving her coffee in the Grind, Lane, a regular customer at the coffee-shop, where Ferrentino  also works part time. She was then able to get details about Lane from the criminal and build up a file of information on her as well as visiting her home.

She revealed that, “I ran over to the trailer when I realized what Mesch was planning that night, broke into her trailer and tried to get Kate out of the bathroom where she was locked up. I messed up though…Mesch ended up slitting her throat in front of me. I had to leave town for a few days to get over the trauma of what I’ d seen. She is one messed up bitch.” Ferrentino revealed she was able to escape the trailer by running away as Lane was too preoccupied with killing Kate to come after her.

Ferrentino took the case to the police when she returned after fleeing for security reasons. “I told this cop..a female officer. Allison Chase? I think the case may have broken down to lack of evidence and Mesch wasn’t detained, she got let out.” According to an official source at the HPD, the case is an open investigation, still pending closure.

She stated that she had prepared evidence against Lane, building a file on her with names of her connections and contacts. “I have this file on her so if any of the police are interested, they should contact me. I have my own issues with the cops in this town but if there is real interest in seeing this bitch put behind bars where she belongs, they know my details.”

With Lane currently behind bars, serving time for her assault charges, Ferrentino believes that it is only a matter of time before Lane is after her. “I know that she’s furious with me. She found out I’m a reporter and now this article will come out, exposing her for what she really is. I have contacts who can help me take care of her, but I want to make sure she’s put away-legally, to let the law handle her like it should.”

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