Sting Operation Leads To Capture Of Notorious Criminal

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On November 3rd, 2013, Corporal Colton Vond, with the help of Kirvi Caspian, organized a sting operation to apprehend Kakihara Henusaki, a notorious Hathian criminal.

Caspian, who had been continuously stalked by Henusaki, was the bait. She met with Henusaki at the skate park while Vond watched at a safe distance. Henusaki, upon arrival, took Caspian into a nearby alleyway, and then into a small dark room.

“I sat down to what seemed like a dinner, and unveiled a plate of alfredo. Kati had a covered plate in front of him too and when I noticed he wasn’t eating, he told me to uncover his plate. I uncovered it to see my father’s severed head,” Caspian revealed.

Upon hearing Caspian’s scream, Corporal Colton Vond burst in. Kaki, upon seeing the HPD, pulled out a needle laced with poison and stabbed her in the back.

“I dropped to the floor after Colton pulled me away and a few of the cops rushed at Kaki to take him down,” states Caspian. “There was a struggle between the police and Kaki, but they eventually subdued him and took him out of the room so that the EMT’s could rush me to the hospital where it was determined that the poison was going to impair Kirston’s [Caspian’s unborn child] life beyond repair so they c-sectioned her and treated me with anti-venom,” Caspian recounted.

Caspian healed from the poison in the care of the HGH staff while her daughter Kirston remained in the ICU after being born prematurely before being moved to the recovery room, where she remains today. She continuously grows stronger.

Kaki was arrested for drug-trafficking, money laundering, kidnapping, and stalking, amongst other charges. According to Vond, Kaki was sent to the HPD holding before his trial hearing in Chicago, where he’s wanted for multiple offenses.

Caspian spoke out after the incident, stating, “The police took down a murderer and rapist, and the streets are a bit more safe. The hospital staff made quick work of getting me into the emergency room as well as the operating room, too. The public needs to know that the hospital and police do respond quickly and care for the citizens of Hathian.”

In an exclusive interview with Corporal Colton Vond, he stated, “On behalf of HPD, I’d like to say that we strive to continually protect the citizens of Hathian from criminals of Kakihara’s caliber. And if any citizen has a concern or incident they’d like to report, they should feel free to come to us for help.

We take our job very seriously, despite what taint some rumors about us have been spread by other criminals in the city,| the Corporal assures. “If you have a bad opinion of HPD, it’s probably because you’ve done something to earn that belief about us, that’s all I can say. We are a strong unit, and we will get our man, no matter who they are or where they go, we will find them.”

While controversy has always been a part of the image of HPD and the HGH alike, it is clear that as a whole they are serious about their jobs. Without them, wounds from criminals would not be healed, and said criminals would not be caught.

Thanks to Kirvi Caspian for her and the HPD’s heroic efforts, one less criminal runs rampant on the streets.

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