Religious “Nut” Terrorizes The Other Closet And Rapes Employee

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In late October, a man later identified as Wilhem McRae, came into the new and upcoming costume and cosplay store, The Other Closet. Lala Smith, one of the store’s employees, was working at the time.

Shortly after McRae arrived, he was seen going upstairs with Smith. When questioned, Smith told a witness that they were roleplaying. Lavnia Fallen, the store manager, rushed to the store after the fire alarm went off. When she walked into the store, she found an empty safe and a pile of clothes set on fire.

Fallen explained, “I ran upstairs to question Lala and she was naked on the floor, bloodied and beat. Later she had told me that he made her open the safe and then slammed her head in it while he raped her. He knocked her out so she woke up to the alarms.”

Lala was taken to the hospital to be checked out. After samples were taken, it was proven that she was raped by McRae, though his identity was unknown at the time. Fallen also revealed that this was not the first time McRae had entered the store.

She recounted the details, obviously still shaken by the incident. “He came to the store two nights before he attacked it. And he started bashing me about how I was a heathen and my store was for sinner and that it was all about idolatry and we were sluts. He spat at me and the store but left. I had not thought to warn the staff. I didn’t think he’d come back but he did.”

Apparently, the mentally unhinged man had formed a personal vendetta after his first visit. Smith revealed that he told her that she had to pay for her sins before brutalizing her.

Fallen, in light of the incident, speaks out against McRae, “We are asking for the communities help. This man is attacking innocent people, brutally. He’s a danger to everyone, not just Cosplayers.”

HPD, after identifying the suspect, sent out a warrant for his arrest. Despite their best efforts, the suspect has yet to be apprehended.

Wilhem McRae was described as tall with bright red hair and a beard. His accent was said to have been Irish.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the HPD immediately.

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