Interview: The New Face Behind Slim Goodies

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The Hathian Observer decided to find out the latest on the new addition to Slim Goodies Diner’s staff after discovering that the quality of food and the service has been steadily  improving  along with the look of the place. The  freshly made milkshakes, salads and new menu and friendly service are all part of the latest changes to the Diner. The Observer decided to find out the face behind the improvements.

Samuel James Liebe, 35, or ‘Sam’ as he likes to be called, is one of the newest recruits working in Slim Goodies Diner out on North Shore road, by the end of Bourbon street.

H.Observer: Hi Sam, tell us a little bit about yourself. Why did you move to Hathian?

S.Liebe: Hmmm. Well, why Hathian.. I’ve just found out I might have a half sister here in, so I rolled up and hoped. I’ve missed out on having any siblings so I had to look for her. Her name is Vanessa Banks and the DNA results have proved it so I’m excited.  I’m a cook here and I seem to be waiter and bottle washer too.

I love working here but just waiting and cooking doesn’t move me forward, I hope to have a family someday. I do have business plans but they are a big ole work in progress right now.

H.Observer:  Why did you choose to work at the diner?

S.Liebe: My step father has a diner in New York so I’ve learned most of what needs to happen to make a diner work.

H.Observer: What are the best and worst parts of your job working at Slim’s?

SAM LIEBE3_001S.Liebe: Best part of the job? Well that’s the cooking and feeding people. There’s something real comforting about that. Creating good food too, you can still do that even somewhere like this. Worst part? Well there’s the cleaning up.  Honestly it can get a bit lonely. I hope maybe if I see an owner or manager to try a few things to get business improving, I’ve already volunteered us for a booth at the municipal date night.

H.Observer:  What particular challenges do you face working in the Diner and why?

S.Liebe: The big challenge down here right now is having a few more staff, you know people who care about this place as much as I do and well special events, maybe if we can get a few more people working we could try some seasonal things. Christmas isn’t too far away.

H.Observer:  Who else works with you at the Diner and are there any upcoming events at the Diner?

S.Liebe: Well now there is Cassie and Arizona, and of course Rufus when we’re not about. He pulls a lot of hours down here filling in.

If we can find some staff or someone can magic up the damn owner we will be sure to have some specials on for thanksgiving and Christmas. If all else fails maybe just a new menu and some discounts.’

H.Observer: Any words for the readers on Slim Goodie’s Diner?

S.Liebe: I kinda let my food talk for me.. Come to Slim’s Diners ’cause we have great food from scratch and great service all at a fair price!

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