3 Out Of 5 Smokes Are Stolen

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60 percent. That is the number advanced by the authorities that regulate the business.

“With the increased in taxes, more and more people find alternative ways to cater the addiction,” said an inspector. “It has become such a big business that almost everyday now trucks full of cargo get hijacked and the content sold, often times to legitimate business owners that seduced by the low price with a prospect of a good return don’t ask twice where it came from.”

Transport companies are already trying to move the cargo in unmarked vehicles but so far the attempt has yet to prove effective.

“The best weapon the companies have right now is rely on inspection,” says our source. “But even with all our effort it’s difficult to control the stolen cargo, who’s to say a particular pack of smokes was legally bought two weeks ago as the paper work says, or was just bought yesterday on the back of a truck?”

With high valuable cargo easy to sell and difficult to track down there is no end in sight for this activity.

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