Banquet Space Available

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The gallery is located in Vodou, one block east of Lou's.

Need space for your party, wedding or other event? The Shen Gallery of Fine Arts contains a large indoor hall with high ceilings and room for up to 40 guests, as well as an outdoor area with charming gardens and a fountain. Affordable prices can include catering and decorations. The gallery is located two blocks east of Lou’s bar in the peaceful neighborhood of Vodou. Call 555-1234. ((IM Inara Indigo.))

((OOC: I’m offering a venue that will allow people to rez up to 300 prims for an event. More prims could be worked out, if needed. I already have a few different kinds of seating, tables and a bar. The gardens mentioned in the ad are only rezzed for events, but the gallery itself is there and open all the time, so feel free to check it out. Event planners will have access to the upstairs area (for changing into wedding garb, having a quickie in the bathroom, etc).))

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