Wanted – night club manager

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Valmont Entertainment Ltd (incorporating Val’s Irish Pub) seeks an investment opportunity in a proposed new Hathian nightclub.

We are looking to speak to interested entrepreneurs who can present a detailed proposal for a new nightclub venue in central Hathian. We’re looking for determined, motivated people with a flair for running a nightclub to cater for the late night crowd who need somewhere that plays amazing music.

Applicants should have a fully fleshed-out business plan for the club, including location, size, potential staff members (including DJs), security etc. In return, Valmont Entertainment will act as a non-executive member of the management, investing substantial funds to get the club off the ground, and actively working on promoting the new venture.

Apply to Valmont Marseille, Valmont Entertainment Ltd, Black Bottom. Ph: 555-6969

((OOC – the intention is to have a preliminary discussion with anyone interested in creating a new nightclub venue in Hathian. Idea is that whoever puts themselves forward would be the one submitting the business proposal and the person who would run the show. Val’s role in this will only be investment and promotion, leaving you to run the club as you see fit. This is just an RP idea to try and kickstart any interest in a music-focused nightclub venue. Let’s see if there are any takers!))

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