Storm Hits, Bringing Floods and Blackouts

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Tropical Storm Karen hit the Gulf Coast Saturday afternoon, bringing harsh rain and torrential winds to not only the city of Hathian, but thousands of people lining the coast.

Heavy rain caused flooding only hours after the storm made landfall, drowning all  of North Shore Drive and parts of the city at the same level, such as the Slim Goodies Diner and nearly half of Rougarou, which lies lower than much of the city.

Late Saturday evening, the same day that Karen made landfall, power across Hathian started to fail, plunging the city’s residents into darkness. Many people are now left without electricity for an undetermined amount of time. Officials say that power will be restored as soon as possible, and also remind people to not use generators indoors, as exhaust fumes can pose a serious danger.

The youth center located in Vodou, as well as the Columtreal gym, are set up as refuge centers. Beds, food, and water are available to those who have been flooded out of their homes, or who have no electricity.

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