Tropical Storm Karen Targets Gulf Coast

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Hundreds of thousands of people along the Gulf Coast, Louisiana included, have started preparing for the landfall of tropical storm Karen, which has yet to be classified as a hurricane.

The storm is said to hit sometime this weekend, possibly even as early as Saturday evening depending on which path Karen takes. Wentworth the Weatherman says that, “South eastern Louisiana and the Florida panhandle are most likely going to be hit the hardest.”

Louisiana and Florida have not only issued states of emergency, but have issued hurricane warnings as well. Winds are estimated to be upwards of 55 mph or 85 kph when Karen makes landfall. Rainfall is also expected to be heavy.

Hathian has experienced the horrors of hurricanes before, most notably in the summer storm of 2010, which decimated the city. Most of the infrastructure was destroyed, including the row houses in the neighboring area of District 8, which had a plane fall out of the sky and on to the residential block. The hospital was also quickly rendered useless, which partially collapsed under the weight of the rain.

The city was under ankle deep waters for nearly two weeks. Power was lost across almost the entire city, and people were forced to shelter in the Seaside Community School.

It is also suspected that repeated storm damage caused a gas leak, which lead to hallucinations across the city that October, and the explosion near the Titty Twister club, which leveled the city, forcing people to relocated while everything was rebuilt.

Even with this history, Mayor Robert Boxer is confident that the city’s infrastructure is capable of standing up to whatever Karen throws our way.

He, as well as safety officials, advise that citizens take all necessary precautions, such as stocking up on water and food, as well as batteries for flashlights and radios, and propane gas or coals for grills in case power is out for numerous days.

Safety officials also remind residents to not use grills or generators indoors, as exhaust can easily become trapped and pose a serious danger.

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