Good Cop Gone Bad?

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While reports of corruption at the Hathian Police Department seem to be common place these days, there are still police officers to attempt to keep the city’s residents and the streets they walk on safe.

“There are some officers who have some fundamental grasp of the law and they actually try to work within it,” says an anonymous source. “Unfortunately, one of those men participated in a kidnapping recently. His name is Tanner Walker.”

Officer Walker has been on the force for approximately a year or more and, up until these recent allegations, has kept his nose clean and stayed away from public scrutiny.

This anonymous source goes on to describe a heated encounter between Walker and a wheelchair bound woman that occurred last Saturday at Lou’s. They say they believe the conversation was about the recent kidnapping, because the woman in the wheelchair, only known as River, was kidnapped approximately two or three weeks ago. The source states this is who Walker kidnapped.

“My guess is he was trying to keep her from talking,” the anonymous source says. The Observer can confirm that during the incident at Lou’s, the woman was in hysterics; screaming and crying as Walker confronted her.

The source also claims to have seen video footage of the kidnapping and says that “his part in [the kidnapping] was particularly violent.” They go on to explain how Walker assaulted the woman by “busting up her legs with his asp” and “tying her with zip ties” before he “hauled her off as if she were drunk and was helping her out the door.”

All allegations against Walker have yet to be confirmed, but the rumors are concerning regardless.

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