Danni Melodia, Kat Middleton Commit Suicide While Evading HPD

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Danni Melodia, 35, in light of accusations of the murder of Sunny Herriat and kidnapping of Corporal Skye Weaver, revealed on twitter that she was going to Mexico for a while, allegedly taking Kat Middleton, 23, who is wanted as an accomplice to both crimes, with her. Melodia was adamant that she was innocent of killing Sunny Herriat, fleeing because of persecution from the citizens of Hathian.

Weaver herself confirmed that the Crows did not know where she lived, implying that it was unlikely that they had known to drop her through the window of her house after killing Sunny.

When trying to reach the suspects for further information, it was revealed that Melodia and Middleton had committed suicide, leaving only a suicide note behind.

To whom it may concern,

As we sit here at the casino, typing this letter, we pondered on what life really is, and what it will become.. and we have decided carrying on in this life had no worth for us two Queens. We are so sorry to whoever may have picked this note up, but today Kat Middleton and I, Danni Melodia, decided to end our lives. To some this is a favor, to others a loss and we will miss those we love and those who loved us in return. We both know that we have done wrong in our lifetimes, and have been done wrong, but today we decided lingering on the Earth is no longer our place to catch the grit of shit that we have and haven’t done… Today, we are the Queens of the sky.

To those that may have not known, Kat and I have been in love near since the moment we met and have decided to die that way, together, and in love. We have been dating for nearly six months and have now decided that we wish to be together, forever…. and lately, this seems like the only way we can ensure that happens. To Meg, I, Danni, am sorry that I kept Kat a secret from you and that I lead you on. Thank you for being a wonderful fiancĂ©e and parent to our children while I was off working on stuff with the Queens.

To my children, mommy will miss you and love you always.. Silas, you better stay out of trouble, and keep the twins from becoming anything like me, or I WILL come back and haunt you. To Addy, Kat is dictating to me what to say now, though I have so much to say about you myself. You were a great cousin, and I’m sorry if this seems selfish to you but it’s what I feel needs to be done. I’ll watch you from up top forever. I, Danni, love you like my own family and I as well am sorry if you don’t understand this… just know that I love your cousin and now, we can ensure that we are each others only to have and hold forever.

To the Queens, it was a short run but a good one. Thank you so much for covering our asses so many times. I hope that our death doesn’t slow y’all down and keeping you from doing what you do. We love you. Last but not least, to all the rest.. fuck off. There is no finding our bodies in Hathian, for we went on a nice romantic trip out of country and did our deeds… however, if someone does happen to find our bodies there.. they will see them holding hands, side by side… just like we wished to be forever… Needless to say, we are happy now.

Katherine Middleton and Danni Melodia

When questioning Detective Charlie Feld about the alleged suicide note, he insisted that until the bodies are recovered and positively identified, Danni Melodia and Kat Middleton will be pursued as living persons of interest.

Detective Charlie Feld continues to urge anyone with information on the whereabouts of Danni Melodia or Kat Middleton to contact him or any other HPD officer.

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