Wanted: Hair Stylists, Nail Techs and Make Up Artists!

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There’s a new hair salon in town! Lucinda’s Locks will be opening in a matter of a few weeks from now and I need you!

I, Lucinda Ustace Wellington, strive for the utmost quality in hair, make up and nail design. Therefore all applicants must have a Louisianan state cosmetology, manicurist and/or esthetiscian (make up artist/skin care) license. ((OOC note: can have a forged one as long as it’s made well. You might want to consider making your character skilled in all three areas so you can get more rp.))

Here at Lucinda’s Locks I like to give perks to my employees for hard work. Take these four perks into consideration:

  • You receive 15% commission for every Aveda hair and make up product you sale and with every Avon nail product you sale. For instance, if you get a customer to buy $50 worth of products added onto their total, you will receive $7.50 of that sale. It doesn’t seem like much but think about how much that would add up to after two weeks and if you get five people to do that at least everyday. That’s $375 extra tagged to your pay check!
  • You receive 30% commission for every new customer you bring in. If that customer spends 50 at the shop you will get $15 of that sell and if you are the one to service them you get an additional $15 on top of that sell.
  • Shop tools and hair products provided so you don’t have to buy your own, except for if you would like to use your own nail polish colors. We use Aveda make up and hair products and no others! Period!
  • Contests! Everybody loves them. Show your competitive spirit and have fun competing with your coworkers to make the flyest and most unique hair styles in the summer and fall Hype Hair Competitions that I will be holding. There will be cash prizes given!

Now does that sound like an awesome job to you? If so, give me a ring at (990) 453 – 7733 ((IM LucindaLucard)). Or just stop by the shop with your portfolio. Shop is located around the corner from the theater, third lot on the right. I look forward to seeing you!

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