Serial Pants Thief Strikes Again

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Recently at work, I was speaking with a coworker who shall remain nameless for his own protection. During our casual conversation, he mentioned how he had recently had his pants stolen by a young lady.  Now while this sounded absurd, after all who would want to steal the pants of a random man at knife point, it was not the first time I had heard such stories.

It occurred to me that earlier in the month, while also at work, an officer had mentioned that his tazer and pants had been stolen while on duty. Now it is possible that there were two separate culprits, however the officer was in our establishment to arrest a female, though failing during the attempt that I witnessed, fitting the same description as given by the coworker; a young, short female, with blond hair and pink streaks.

This led to curiosity, which led to investigation using public police records. With this, I found that there have been several reports filed by various victims for the theft of pants (as well as other belongings). The young lady, who seems to go by the name Bubbles, first puts a knife to her victims’ throat and demands their wallet.  After the victim complies, she goes on to demand their pants. When the victim gives in to her demands, she makes off with all the belongings she may have stolen; except in one case where she returned the victim’s wallet.

It was reported by HPD that she had fondled the victim in one case, but after consulting with multiple sources it was found that this was not true and a false elaboration of the story by the officer making the report.

This is a warning to all of Hathian–keep your eyes peeled, watch your back, and do your best to keep your pants. While it is common place in Hathian to lose your pants, doing so at knife point is usually not the best experience (unless you’re into that sort of thing, in which case, I don’t judge. Have fun.)

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