Letter Proclaims Disgust Over Recent Outrage Against ‘Mistress’ Article

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Dear Hathian citizens,

After reading all of the letters pertaining to the article about the self-proclaimed mistress, I had to laugh at the audacity of the statements. We live in a town crowded with hookers, sleazy alley sex, and daily gruesome violence; Yet you still manage to condemn one woman’s opinion about sex and marriage? It’s bullshit.

Hathian has a high number of hookers, cheaters, men and woman alike, who will take it from whoever they can get. Many of the same people rape and pillage and stab people. To make such a big deal about a woman who may have different opinions from your own is appalling and belittles the real issues in Hathian.

Her differing opinions don’t make her a bad person. We live in America, where people are free to express their opinions. She was exercising that right and the fact that people feel the need to cut her down for it is disgraceful. In a town such as Hathian, an impoverished, boring version of sin city itself, it is laughable that the citizens have placed an “A” across this woman’s chest and have decided to verbally stone her for her beliefs. I fail to see how you are any different than she is. How many of you frequent the strip club “Titty Twisters” or have used the escort service, or hell, cheated?

Jesus said, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.” [John 8:7]

So put down your stones and take a gander at your own life. What this woman decides to do is only in the business of the parties involved. Everyone else need to mind their own life, and perhaps focus on the bigger issues of Hathian, such as rape and the violence that fills the streets like a poisonous flood.



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