Infidelity Kills

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Regarding the Youth Reporter’s article about mistresses.

Delusion, pure and simple.  I’m a nearly 20 year old male with a girlfriend and many female friends.  I would never, ever cheat on my girlfriend.  In the future, I will hold that conviction should my girlfriend turn into my wife.  You see, infidelity is for losers.  It’s for people so low that they aren’t capable of love.  They confuse love with lust and claim just because they love someone, it should be okay to have sex, regardless of marital affiliations.  This is delusional, pure and simple.

The poor woman who claims having a mistress helps a marriage simply drives the point home.  Only a low person would think shattering the sanctity of marriage is helpful.  Not only are you sullying the waters of the marriage, but you’re adding confusion by bolstering the man’s fragile emotional state.  Only a fragile man would ever seek release outside of the marital household.

Like a chain, marriage binds.  However, infidelity weakens the links of marriage.  Like a chain, it is only as strong as it’s weakest link.  Once that link reaches it’s breaking point, it snaps and ceases its usefulness.  Infidelity creates weakness.  Once a man cheats, it’s easier for him to continue doing so. Over and over, he weakens the chains of marriage with his uncaring insult to the marital relationship.  And this man, who feels lust is love, turns his “love” elsewhere.  He damages not just the marriage, but his wife’s confidence and his children’s ability to have long, lasting relationships.

This mistress claimed that she sends her John home happier than before he was with her.  Well sure. He just got his rocks off.  But the second he gets home, that high will fall and he loses that happiness.  The continued arguing is proof of that.  You are what stands between him and his wife’s total happiness.  You, dear Mistress, are a total bane to that family’s existence.  You are causing strife, not helping solidify the bonds of marriage.  I would even posit the idea that YOU are the one driving the woman to drink.  You and this man’s inability to commit to a healthy relationship.  You, friend, are killing that relationship.  You are killing the happiness of the children involved.  You are killing the happiness of the wife.

To all the men who may read this, I say to you: don’t give in to this misogynistic idea that women are THINGS that should be taking care of you.  Be an adult.  Take care of yourself, and help your partner take care of each other and your life.  Bolster it with truth, love, understanding, and courage.  Not with cowardice, infidelity, and disregard.

To all the women who may read this: don’t settle for the assholes that think you should be their mother when in reality, you are their caring partner.  Don’t settle for a jerk that will spit on your feelings by cheating on you with some hussy that spreads her legs for anyone.  You are better than that.  Everyone has the potential for beauty and strength.  By not giving in to heartless fools, you become stronger and more beautiful for it.

Forever faithful,

-Lance Lantash

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