Interview With A Humanist: Humanism In Hathian

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A recent arrival to the city, Niara Farstrider, 22, is a  member of the Humanist Society and  holds talks about Humanism in a few locations in Hathian.

We took the opportunity to interview Farstrider to explore what Humanism means to her and why she is inviting citizens to these talks.

H.Observer: What is Humanism?

N.F: ”  Humanism in general means the focus in philosophy and society and well..we use the term because we indeed focus on the individual. The individual,  this is what we, I center around. Help people return to their inner compass, their true feelings and question the rules this world puts upon them to decide what benefits them in the long term and what is nothing a clever built mechanic to suppress others for the sake of the few. If people start thinking instead of blindly numbly living day after day there will be a lot of hands belonging to a lot of angry faces rising against the injustice brought upon them.”

H.Observer: Why do you work for the Humanist Society and uphold their values?

N.F: “It’s of quite a great importance to make a population understand its government. I guess  I noticed that there’s a lot of open minded people not focusing on eye candy but things that matter.

And not by pressing a doctrine onto people but reminding of what’s considered common knowledge for ages. So why not get paid for doing what you feel like with people you like to talk to? Currently many are lulled by the illusion there is no better alternative or that their most inherit desires are a failure of their character. A character dictated by this tight knit net of systems.”

H.Observer: So you see Humanism as offering an alternative to the system we have in place already, how would you see it implemented in Hathian?

N.F: “The ‘system’  is everyone reflecting. On their own, their influence, their deeds, consequences, etc. So instead of an elite selecting who’d join their club, who reigns and who serves the people would reign themselves.

And it’s really in them. We’re just made to forget about our instincts. This system, the religions, the governments, the laws aren’t built in the image of a free living and thinking being. That’s why they fail. If we fix the core problem…the free mind slumbering oppressed, we can start fixing the others..efficiently, strong.”

H.Observer: Sounds like it might end up chaotic and divided with everybody doing their own thing. Wouldn’t there be a lot of conflict between people, even more then we have now?

N.F:  “You’d get the answer if you put free minds under one roof. Different solutions. Some might form towns and defend their territory, deciding to live together under their self made law. There will be gangs, yes. But lots of them.

And lots of different ones than we got here today. Reapers, Rejects, Crows…they’ll be retrained by everyone else fighting back if their freedom is endangered. A police force could exist as long as there’d be the community actively supporting it cause no law but their own will allows the cops to have force. Else they’ll be treated like everyone else robbing innocent and raping the helpless..”

H.Observer: So how would things such as distribution of natural resources work? Wouldn’t there be the same power struggles and issues under a humanist influenced society?

N.F: “Well we tried hundreds of different systems in the path and I don’t doubt it’ll take us a lot more to figure something like a global community. But society turned away from what it consists of there is no way in healthy progression the way it stagnates.

With my personal idea that there might be different concurring small communities at the same time…if you sit on valuable resources and abuse the power giving by it you’ll have to, well most likely, you’d get killed.

If you’re a family of 6 you got a band to protect a larger area than you could alone. But if you prefer not to settle or to retreat, you should may so. And there is no end in conflict. People are predatory, we are egoistic. Like I told you, our deepest instinct, survival….so if we base everything on the illusion everyone is nice and friendly we fail before we even started.”

H.Observer: Thank for talking to the Observer, where and when can people find out more?

N.F: “2pm at the Grind and every other Thursday too. Location might change, number’s on my fliers. There are some available at the Grind will hopefully soon be at the Poison Apple.”





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