Strippers, Erections and FDH – OH MY

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Mock Scenario

FDH is at it again. This week their mock medical scenario was held at Hathians local strip club, Titty Twister or better known as the TT. With approval from Blue Handrick, the team was able to use the club for an interesting scenario line up. Giving their Captain, Doe Katsuragi, a run for her money.

A male life like sex doll was used as the victim and the bystander was none other than Twister’s own stripper, Vivienne Noel. The scenario once more derived from the Gage brothers, Juggs and John. When asked what made this scenario so interesting they stated.

“The fact that you see a guy down on the ground with a huge erection pushing at their pants is one thing. Though from the broken spine to the difference in physical appearance both on the upper and lower body. It was really hard to find out what the actual cause for the victims state.”

Maybe this will only interest the medical community and nerd buffs of the EMS kind. But what is it FDH is really trying to do? When we spoke with the FDH Captain this is what she had to say.

“This is why we do this kind of training. To point out our weaknesses and things we can miss while not in a real situation. This way we are better prepared to serve the public to the best of our abilities”

The FDH is going above and beyond to test the knowledge and skills of not only their probies, but the veterans as well. They are also looking to promote the local business’s around Hathian, since nothing brings a crowd like a few sirens and an ambulance. If your business is interested in being used for a mock scenario, contact Juggs Gage at 1-800-Jugernaut.

So what was it that caused the victim to be in the state he was, curious inquiries from this reported lead to this answer from the Gage brothers.

“The victim had Cardiopulmonary problems, if an EKG was run it would have shown the J point at above average in leads II, III and AVF. All leads show sinus bradycardia. If the V4 was moved to right side it would show V4R J point elevation. Which wasn’t done, causing the vic to go into V-fib.”

The Gage brothers seemed to enjoy stumping their own Captain but it goes to show even the best can make mistakes when they hadn’t seen a cardio problem in a long long time.

“We see a lot of stabbings, gunshot wounds and people getting hit by cars. It’s good to keep the medics on their toes and get used to things we don’t normally see. Maybe one day we’ll be pleasantly surprised when we are challenged to do something more then just using pressurized gauze and quick clot,” the Gage brothers stated.

A special thank you to Blue Handrick and the Titty Twister for letting FDH use their building and to Vivienne Noel for partaking as one of the actors. Always remember that FDH is only a phone call away.

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