It’s A Boy!

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After weeks of waiting, the long awaited royal baby has finally arrived!

Duchess Catherine and Duke William welcomed their first child, an 8 pound, 6 ounce baby boy, into the world on Monday the 22nd of July at 4:24 PM London time.

Kate went into labour early Monday morning and was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital at around 6 AM local time. She spent more than 10 hours of labour in the private Lindo Wing, where the late Princess Diana gave birth to William and his younger brother Harry.

The public notice, in accordance with royal protocol, was posted outside of Buckingham Palace for throngs of tourists to see. It stated the sex, time of birth, as well as the weight, which is a more than healthy weight.

Multiple Twitter tweets were posted, saying that multiple members of the family are delighted, stating the weight, and various other statements related to the birth.

Even with the birth announced, it’s not likely that the name of the baby will be revealed for some time. William’s name wasn’t made public for nearly a week after he was born, though Harry’s name was revealed the day of his birth.

The fountain in London’s Trafalgar Square, the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, and Niagara Falls will all have appropriate blue lighting to celebrate and commemorate the birth.

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