HGH Needs Volunteers For Cancer Research

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We need your tissues!

The Hathian General Hospital has been awarded a $200,000 grant from the Louisiana Health Foundation for Cancer Research to further explore the effects of a compound identified in their laboratory found to restore tumor suppressor function of a mutated gene in cancer cells.

The current trend in research of new anti-cancer drugs is to identify the genes that are most important to disable in a cancer cell and then find a drug that will disable these genes. The loss of tumor suppressor function in the p53 gene in cancer is a principal mechanism behind a normal cell becoming cancerous and one of the reasons why p53 is the most commonly mutated gene in human cancer. Restoring the tumor suppressor function of p53 in a cancer cell causes cancer cells to die, underlying the importance of finding a drug that will aid in that restoration.

HGH oncologist researchers recently identified a drug compound that restores the tumor suppressor function of mutated p53 and serves as a lead agent in developing anti-cancer drugs targeted toward this particular mutation. As part of the team’s previous research, it was demonstrated that this compound selectively kills cancer cells containing a specific type of p53 mutation while leaving normal cells undisturbed.

HGH is looking for candidates for a new drug trial. You could be part of the healing process, enabling our team to continue investigation of this compound now in clinical drug trials, to understand the molecular mechanism that this drug uses to produce this effect. Understanding the mechanism of action of a new anti-cancer agent is an essential step in the drug development process to produce a drug that can be used in patients. Hathian General Hospital’s researchers are also studying several other compounds that are chemically related to determine if they can perform a similar function, however those trials are yet to come.

If you are interested and have been diagnosed, please come in and see one of our specialists, Drs. Cyan Bosque ((cyanforest.resident)), Rosie Perez ((chilebean.charisma)) and Takahiro Ugimachi.


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