Andel Goes AWOL

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Rumors have begun to surface that the notoriously brutal Hendrich Andel has left his post at the Hathian Police Department and fled the country, rumors that have been confirmed by multiple parties within the police department itself.

The reasons behind his departure still remain foggy. One suggestion says that Andel has been considering retirement for some time now, and may have chosen to act on this sooner than some expected.

Benjamin Stoneage and Bliour Michaels are now reportedly the highest ranking officers aside from Commissioner Nadir Taov, taking the former Chief’s vacant spot. Still under the titles of Captain, Stoneage is now in charge of the detective division, while Michaels is now head of the patrol division.

The department as a whole does not have a good reputation when it comes to how the public views them. Over the years, reports of officers abusing their authority have surfaced dozens of times. Even Stoneage has had a number of citizens point fingers at him, accusing him of crimes such as kidnapping and rape

Despite this, when asked if they plan to change how the public views the police, Michaels’ said that she and Stoneage “will be working to ensure that things are still properly handled within the department.”

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