Columtreal Gets A Face Lift

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Right on time for the new Fall semester,CU interior Hathian’s own Columtreal gets a face-lift and a few much needed amenities. Things have been quiet on our campus thanks to the Summer break but with all the new additions and remodels, I’m sure the traffic will pick up ten-fold. Now there are more reasons to stay on campus, other than to go to class or to sleep.

I took a stroll Saturday morning and took some snaps of the changes around campus. This is the newly remodeled Student Union, now three stories of awesomeness. It’s one of the first stops a student goes for their everyday shopping needs.  It has a new cafe for quick eats, or a chill spot. Make sure you get a turkey wrap from the cafe. They are tasty and won’t make you go broke. There is also a expanded bookstore to get all your text book and leisure books.

bowling alley mix

BistroAnd to add even more to the campus fun there is a newly added basement bowling alley. I don’t know about you but bowling is always fun with a group of friends. Can’t bowl? Well there is also a chill spot off to the side. Sit and relax, watch your friends make fools of themselves. There is also a DJ booth for parties.

After my exploration there I made my way to the nice nee coffee bistro on sorority row. This is a much needed addition. Sure we have the DG cart, but not everyone wants to freeze their butts off at an outside coffee spot.

Now there is the chance to enjoy a good cup of joe while being indoors. You can even go to hang out, read a book, or listen to live music outside under the pavillion. They also offer free Wi-Fi. I know where I’m spending my mornings.

Bistro Mash up

clinic fitnessAlso another addition is the campus clinic, a small branch from Hathian General. The clinic was once housed in the main education building, a hallway down from the library, but that location was small and cramped and thus a new location was scouted and found. This location is much easier to access and it’s conveniently located next to the dorms alongside a small fitness center where both students and staff can go to work off a few extra pounds.

Hathian’s well known Super Chopsticks was gone for a little bit which made this reporter a very sad guy. But my stomach and my heart filled with joy when I saw that it was back in business and that it was relocated on campus. Right near the dorms! What college student doesn’t enjoy some take-out here and there? I wonder if there is  limit to the amount of times I can order delivery because I’m too lazy to walk over to pick it up myself? Thanks for joining me for the campus additions preview, this is Rhys Carlier, your campus reporter signing off.



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