Female Left Naked And Tied Up in Front of Gein

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On July 09, 2013, a victim, by the name of Scar, was left bleeding and tied up in front of Gein Burger. It was clear by her initial state of shock that she had been physically, emotionally, and sexually abused. She was quickly transported to HGH by the EMTS for the treatment of her injuries. After she was released she was able to shed some light on her situation.

Scar explained, “Well, ya saw how it ended, but it started two days before…him an’ me be talkin’ on the beach in district 8 for a while. Until he gets up the leave…I was not suspicious of him touchin’ me arm, figured it be a sorta greetin’…Until he pressed the cloth on me face…Next thing I remembah I am tied to a bed. Naked…”

She was kept there for two days before he took her to Gein and dumped her there, escaping before anyone could get a glimpse of him.

Scar was, however, able to give a few clues as to who this man was. She claimed that Boris, and his alleged accomplice Elleez, might be apart of a Russian Mofia, even going as far to carve the word “Russian” into her stomach.

Boris was a tall white man in his early forties. He was heavily inked and had a heavy Russian accent. Elleez was in her early twenties, had platinum blond hair, fair-skin, and also spoke with a strong Russian accent.

Scar confirmed her involvement, stating, “She did participate. Boris told her to do so, but he made the mistake to untie me. So I defended mehself. Judgin’ from me losin’ several hours o’ memory, I think he beat me unconscious…So she nevah touched me, to my knowledge…”

Whether they are part of a Russian Mafia or just a bunch of thugs victimizing young women, it is clear that they are dangerous criminals that will likely strike again.

These two suspects are still on the large so if you have any information regarding this case please contact the Hathian Police Department immediately.

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