Officers Bust Sex Trafficking Operation

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A sex trafficking deal which was under way in a barn in District Eight was successfully broken up by officers Stone and Herriat from the Hathian Police Department. Two arrests were made on the scene of the crime which occurred on the 1st of July.

Officer Herriat stated “It happened out in a barn in District 8. When we arrived, the first floor was empty, so we went up to the second floor. Cal Fox was there, laying on the ground and in pretty bad shape. I’m guessing he was trying to save the victim.” Cal Fox is known as an EMT and fire fighter in Hathian’s Fire Department, Fox had apparently been tipped off by a witness who had observed Megadon subduing his victim before following the criminal to his property. The witness-who wishes to remain anonymous- managed to get Fox to help the victim in an attempt to save her as quickly as possible.

An anonymous source revealed that Megadon has managed to over power his victim, a female Caucasian in her twenties, outside the Daily Grind, shortly after 11am. The victim was knocked unconscious and taken to Megadon’s property in District 8 where she was apparently tied to a BDSM cross after being stripped naked. The victim was apparently on display for potential buyers in a sex trafficking deal which involved a criminal reported on the official police report as Boris Veshkinov. His connection with Megadon was unclear but he may have been a potential buyer or have participated at the ‘slave auction’.

STOCK - HPDMegadon’s property has been raided in a previous incident where an anonymous call tipped police off to alleged drug manufacturing on his premises. There are rumors that Megadon has links with an emerging street gang who have ties with the Russian mob. He seems to have a past history in sex trafficking among other criminal activities.

“There was another girl there, but she wasn’t a victim. The victim told me she was involved.” Officer Herriat added.  The other woman Anikha Cristea, turned out to be an associate of Megadons, involved in organizing the ‘auction’ and bidding process. A fight broke out between Fox and Megadon, Veshnikov joining in while Cristea, a former victim and a drug addict who was being manipulated by Megadon who controlled her through her substance abuse, was persuaded by the victim to call the police through Fox’s radio.

“Veshkinov tried to escape but was taken down by Stone, then Cy and the other woman, were arrested without issue.” Officer Herriat stated as the victim was rescued and released by the efforts of the officers and of EMT and fire fighter Cal Fox. When asked about the rate of sex trafficking cases the HPD come across in Hathian, Officer Herriat replied “this is the first case I’ve dealt with that relates to human trafficking..” and was unsure of whether or not they were on the increase. Megadon and Veshkinov are now facing time in jail while the victim is recovering from her traumatic experience.


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