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Dear Hathian Observer Editor,

There have been tons of rumors swirling in light of the tragic death of young Amelia Flores. Now, most everyone seems to be thinking the same thing, but I wanted to put my piece out there to light. You see, this girl lived with Jayda Ferrentino, one of your Observer reporters with a knack for getting into trouble. So rumors were out there that Amelia had cheated on her ex with Jayda, so they were most likely some sort of item. Jayda goes out when Amelia is going to take a bath and doesn’t come home for a full day. She says she stayed at the office. Okay, now why didn’t she go home? Maybe she didn’t want to go home. It sounds like they were fighting really, because people don’t want to see each other after a fight.  Fast forward to the next day, she just so happens to find Amelia drowned in her own tub and calls the police.Am I the only one that thinks this is an open and shut case?

In this town full of corrupt cops and constant complaints about the lack of a true justice system, I fear this case will be promptly swept aside as just a mere suicide just because Jayda said she didn’t do it. If there was ever an open and shut case, it’s this one. Sure, maybe Amelia and Jayda had been drinking, but what better way to shift the blame than to say Amelia died by drowning after drinking too much? If anything, Jayda’s history with the law and public incidents has shown us how much of an alcoholic she is. The girl is drunk almost anytime people see her! So if you ask me, that night she went home, had a fight with Amelia and talked her into a nice relaxing bath to calm down. Poor Amelia didn’t realize it was the last bath she’d ever take!

I am writing this letter as a plea to the Observer, the citizens of this fine town and the police department to really look into this case before they sweep it aside as suicide or just let another murderer go. It’s bad enough that Rejects and Crows constantly get arrested and just walk away to attack again, but at least we KNOW they may kill us and to avoid them. Jayda is a snake in the grass, pretending to be a hard working reporter but isn’t above breaking the law. Are we really so forgiving? How many altercations with the police has she been involved in? Did she not on several occasions be arrested for assaulting police officers and other civilians? Did she not go to prison for breaking court ordered rehab? Hell, she’s been in rehab for drugs even. So we have a known monster here that just walks amongst us, waiting to strike like the snake she is. She’s clearly murdered an innocent intern and mother in the same night and most seem ready to just brush it off like an accident. If you ask people at the hospital, Amelia was on track to be promoted before long. A young girl that had so much to live for isn’t going to kill herself.

As a town, we tolerate enough from gang members and even police brutality because we have no choice. Can we really be so ready to do so for Jayda? We have a choice here folks and it’s pretty simple. Throw her in the jail and throw away the key. Hell, send her to death row even and save us some tax money instead of locking her up. In this town where we can’t trust gangs, police and half the places we eat at…why should we let the Observer become one of them? We can’t trust the news if it’s coming from a cold blooded killer and who knows how many stories she’s been involved in, she’s twisted for her own benefit. If she’d drown her own lover in a tub, she’d do just about anything. It’s this conclusion that maybe the editor should consider stepping up and protecting the reputation of this newspaper before it is destroyed like the faith we have in everything else in this hell hole. And this is also to the police and the other members of our community. We must all stand up against people like Jayda together and by punishing for this heinous act will go far at showing other snakes lying in our mist that we will not tolerate it any longer!


Concerned member of the community


Dear Concerned,

I appreciate your concern for the community and its citizens, but I must disagree with you.

I am well aware of the allegations against one of my reporters, and I believe they are completely false. While the “evidence” you put forth makes for a compelling case, it’s nothing but circumstantial. Rumors, opinions, and hearsay are not evidence to any crime that has been committed.

I am also aware of her past substance abuse problems and I don’t believe that has any effect on this case, let alone her work for The Observer. I am confident that she is taking the steps to overcome whatever addiction she has.

I also want to make clear that The Observer will never turn into something to fear. Everyone at the office works hard to make sure we are an unbiased news source and a place to trust. We have no gang relations and do not partake in any criminal activity. I assure you that anyone connected to The Observer who is engaging in illegal activity will be dealt with swiftly.

Regardless, thank you for taking the time to write in, and please continue to read The Observer.


Valena Dowe, Editor in Chief

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