Brazen Crooks

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Throughout the years, we’ve read stories about how the HPD is brutal, sadistic, crooked, or corrupt. The problem with these accusations, is no one stops to question why or how this behavior came about. Time and time again, we’ve heard Chief Andel quoted as saying the HPD does what it has to.

This reporter personally witnessed why it is the HPD appear so brutal to those watching from the sidelines. Early Saturday evening, a cruiser was stopped down by the pier, and the officer was outside his vehicle talking with a woman. He was seen backing away from her and climbing into his car again cautiously as if expecting an attack.

Attack she did. Once the officer was safely ensconced in his cruiser, the suspect threw a set of knives at the officer’s tires. In response, the officer was made to give chase on foot after the woman who sought to escape into the bay waters.

Are these the actions of a typical criminal? No. In Hathian? Yes. How is the HPD to combat this sort of brazen disregard for the law, unless with stronger consequences? Criminals of Hathian, you’re bringing it upon yourselves!

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