Alexandra Markus Hires Someone to Attack Her Own Father

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On June 03, 2013 Alexandra Markus, a model for Valmont Entertainment Studio, and her biological father Ellis Millet, the owner of Bottoms Up liquor store, met at an undisclosed location to talk about their issues. Little did he know that his daughter had other, darker intentions.

According to an anonymous source, the relationship between Ellis and his daughter Alexandra has been nothing short of rocky. There have been several harassment reports made by Alexandra against him within the past few years. Millet has had a long and public record of abuse.  However, since getting out of Harvey Federal Institute after a year spent locked up for 1st degree murder and two counts of attempted murder, Millet has kept his nose clean. It seems like he has been seeking redemption rather than violence since his release.

When Alexandra and Ellis met up, according to my sources, she revealed that her and here ex-fiance, his name unknown at this time, had broken up because of Millet. That was when an unknown male came out with a spiked bat and attacked Millet from behind. Alexandra, according to my sources, just stood back and watched as the unknown man attacked Millet.

The assailant, who is still unknown, and Millet had caused a great deal of blood loss between them leading to being admitted to hospital. Millet however, still walks with a cane after the incident, possibly due previous injuries.

Millet immediately went to the police and described his experiences and Alexandra was arrested soon after. The actual details of her arrest are unknown other than the fact that she was released after only a day of arrest due to technical reasons. At this time we were unable to get in touch with Alexandra for a comment on her time spent in jail. We have very little information on the other person involved since Ellis was unavailable to comment.

The relationship between Alexandra and her father is obviously fairly turbulent and dysfunctional but does that justify her actions? What sort of person hires someone to go after their own flesh and blood? Is the abuse she suffered at the hand of Millet justify the crime she committed? Or perhaps does it suggest that she in fact made up some of the stories against her supposedly abusive father? One thing is for sure; her short stint in jail did not fit the crime. However with the amount of criminal acts that occurs in Hathian such circumstances are fairly common.

Perhaps, though, this article can serve as a warning that the spawn of Ellis Millet are just as dangerous as devious as the criminal himself.

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