Crow On Wheels, Mentally Unstable And Mobile

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Pariah Crow impressed the by stander with her skating expertise

An unnusual sight was captured by a bystander during the evening hours on May 31st on the Hathian Highway. Crow gang member Pariah, who has in the past confessed to murdering ex boyfriend and former HPD officer, Tymur Yazov, as well as participating in various other crimes, was caught on camera roller skating down the highway.

The graceful skating seems to be in sharp contrast to the unbalanced and volatile state of the self confessed murderer who poses a threat to ordinary citizens along side her fellow Crows. Pariah has been admitted to Hathian General Hospital for mental break downs at least twice and has attacked a Hathian Observer journalist several times, injuring her critically.

The bystander, who wished to remain anonymous stated, “she looked elegant and managed to skate a figure of eight out on the empty road before she took off round the corner from Lou’s bar. It hit me who she was only after noticing her skate past me a few times, but even though I was scared she might attack me, I have to admit, she does know how to skate.” The bystander managed to capture a few snaps and shared them with The Hathian Observer.

“I’m thinking I need to buy my own skates because if these crazy gang bitches are out and around like this I need to be able to get away quickly y’know?” stated the witness. “When I moved here, I didn’t realize I was going to need to know martial arts and roller skating, but if that’s what it takes to survive around here…”

The 25 year old by stander admitted that witnessing the Crow on roller skates had made them extra cautious and uncomfortable. Although impressing the bystander and several other members of the public with her skillful skating, the Crow is generally regarded by the HPD to be a high risk threat and menace to the citizens of Hathian. Members of the public should stay cautious and call police if approached by the Crow gang member.

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