Prosperity in Hathian?

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With numerous new businesses opening their doors, one has to question, is Hathian finally moving out of the post-Katrina slump that was dragged on by the ship wreck and smallpox outbreak last year?

In the last month, more than half a dozen different business ventures, ranging from real estate to sales and everything in between, have sprung up seemingly over night.

“It’s a good sign,” says Mayor Boxer, who is notorious for under funding various aspects of the city. “It shows that people have money and are willing to risk investing.”

Juggs Gage, paramedic and new owner of the recently opened Confederate Lounge, which sells tobacco and cigars, says business is already booming. Ellis Millet, who owns and operates the new Bottoms Up liquor store, also says his sales are going well.

With people not only willing to spend money on unneeded habits like smoking and alcohol, but on businesses that require a large amount of capital to start, some would say that Hathian’s economy is doing better than ever.

Though, this may mean that the mayor could tighten the city’s budget even more, which could put Hathian into another economic slump.

“Citizens shouldn’t worry about our economy,” states Boxer. “You’ve heard what Millet and Gage have to say, their businesses are doing well, and there’s no reason to think that this could change.”


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