Abuse Allegations Made By Former Inmates Of Harvey Federal Institute

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HFI has been hit by a congressional review- and now abuse allegations
HFI has been hit by a congressional review- and now abuse allegations

Harvey Federal Institute has been hit by allegations of abuse made by former inmates. Allegations of abuse and sadistic treatment of prisoners were leveled at the guards and wardens and even the doctors of the prison facility.”I spent my first 3 days in the hole.. I was stripped naked and tied up in one of those rooms by the warden Stoneage. Then when I was finally let out by Mesiah she made me crawl like a dog out into the yard and even do a naked race on my knees against another inmate Villia” one former inmate, Bridgette Smalls, 25,  told the Hathian Observer.

Mesiah Ravenhurt was accused of abuse by former inmates
Mesiah Ravenhurt was accused of abuse by former inmates

Smalls also alleges that, “I saw plenty of beatings and people being sprayed with high power hoses and i even saw..one warden, Shade shoving a bottle of hot sauce up some guys ass for protecting another inmate.”

Another inmate, Nina Thoreau, 22, remembers witnessing Smalls being picked on. “I remember one day in particular when Bridgette was processed with me. She was with Sergeant Vance Carter, who spared her little of his violent wrath, performing his own medical test that could only amount to sexual abuse.” She also claims that a guard known as Hong “nearly forced me to drink another inmates breast milk. Breast Milk you ask? Oh yes, I remember seeing that Piper girl…on a video they played in house. It was a looping pornography that featured her humiliation while another inmate was forced to drink her milk …with cookies.”

Shade Manx is another warden accused of misconduct and abuse
Shade Manx is another warden accused of misconduct and abuse

An anonymous source who currently works as a guard at the facility also revealed that, “I have seen some abuse, yes. I try to help the inmates but some seem to enjoy to punish them for no reason. Also we have had outbreaks in bugs. It is unacceptable. We are supposed to discipline them but we are also to try and rehabilitate them.” Another inmate who wished to remain anonymous claimed “I was beaten to the pulp a lot. I was treated like I was less than human. They fed us mac and glue for fuck’s sake. Fucking asssholes blackmailed too One grabbed me by my balls and picked me up then tazered me.” It was pretty bad. “What do I think of the facility? Shitty. I woulda been better off at Lousiana Correctional Facilities.” He also said that prisoners “heard Barneys I love you over and over and over for HOURS on end. Fucking nutcases.” When asked who specifically had mistreated inmates he stated “Who didn’t? The NPCs, the wardens, this Egyptian douchebag.. there wasn’t a sane person in that place!”


The yard where inmates were abused daily
The yard where inmates were abused daily

When the Hathian Observer was able to get into contact with warden Manx she denied the allegations. “I haven’t sexually assaulted anyone..There have been some incidents of violence mostly inmates assaulting guards and staff.. OSHA mandates not being met.. for the safety and well being of the officers and other staff on the floor.. Congress thinks they have something, but they would be hard pressed to prove anything.. Take me for example.. I’m the ex Chief of the Dead End Police Department, decorated, honored for taking down cults and gangs and serial killers.”  Warden Ravenhurst was also contacted and she commented that “anything done or that has been done here is to better our inmates for when they leave our walls.” She did admit that, ” yes, Harvey Federal is facing budget issues, as is every other prison and government facility in the country. We do what is necessary and with in our means to make sure our prisoners return to society as well rounded individuals.”

Warden Manx responded to claims of the facility being under crisis, stating “There is a Congressional panel on all of the corporation that runs HFI’s operations.. Not just Harvey.” She also claims that “There is already a clean up and repair movement going on within the walls, being overseen by Mr Smith from the head office.Mr Smith, was sent to Harvey to answer the congressional probe personally. He’s..cracking down on conditions here.” The very fact that there needs to be a “clean up and repair movement” seems to prove that there is truth behind the allegations and with many former inmates revealing their personal experiences with an official source confirming their accounts, it seems that Harvey Federal Institute is in deep trouble. Whether the privately funded facility will be able to recover from the scandals and it’s failure to meet basic standards will have to be seen.

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