Municipal Date Auction: Help Raise Money for Hathian General

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Have you ever been admitted to the hospital and that nurse who was checking your vitals was too stunning to pull your eyes from? Or what about the time you got a speeding ticket and you couldn’t stop staring at that officers nice behind? Did you ever think to yourself, ‘Man, sure would be nice to tap that!” Well now is your chance, kind of. This Friday April 12th at 6pm (slt), Hathian General Hospital will be hosting a Date Auction to help raise money for the hospital.  The auction will be located on the stage in District 8, where approximately eight men and women from Hathian General, Hathian Police Department and Hathian Fire Department will be auctioned off. All funds will be going to Hathian General Hospital to help repair and replace most of its defective and broken equipment. You might ask, “What will I get for winning a bid?” Each winning bidder will receive a two hour date with the auctioned off municipal worker, the high bidders choice! There are some delicious eligible municipal workers up for grab, so make sure you come prepared with cash to spend!

Questions? See Dr. James Matfield.


OOC Notes:

  • Please keep maximum bids around $2,000 (IC) to keep with the realism of the city…as much as you’d like to win that date, no one is going to believe you’ve got $10,000 in your pocket!
  • With the amount of people expected for this event, please be mindful of others. There will be no designated posting order, however when someone is up that you’d like to bid on, we’re asking to post ((bidding $500)) in local chat,  then others will be waiting for your post – once you’ve posted someone else can say ((bidding $550)). We understand that it might be a bit of a cluster, but it’s all about fun and there will be people moderating the scene – remember BE REALISTIC with your bids.
  • If you are the highest bidder, the auctioned off workers are already aware they will be subjected to the IC date for a minimum of 2 hours (whatever happens after that is totally up to you…wink wink)
  • More information will be distributed on Friday evening, we’d like to keep this as ‘together’ as possible, but with large RP events it can get a little hectic, so remember to be patient and know that it’s not all about winning, but making great roleplay!

PS: I hear there are some real hot tickets up for grabs, you do NOT want to miss this event!

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