HPD Chief Announces New Community Service Program

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HATHIAN – The Hathian Police Department is testing out a new program where people arrested for crimes would be put to work in exchange for immediate release or a reduction in time spent behind bars.

Chief Hendrich Andel unveiled the new program today which has still yet to be approved by the city council.  The program consists of prisoners incarcerated by the Hathian Police Department would be offered community service ranging from trash pickup on the city streets to helping out the local businesses.   Prisoners who perform the service would be released or have their remaining time in jail reduced depending on the crimes committed.

“People are arrested every day and just sit in a jail cell without contributing anything to the city that they hurt with their crimes.  I believe it is time to change that.”  said Andel

Yesterday, Chief Andel along with several officers were seen escorting prisoners who were picking up trash dispensed on the ground throughout the city, armed with shotguns.

“We must not forget that these are dangerous criminals who broke the law.  Given the chance, they would see this as an opportunity to escape which we take the appropriate steps to ensure that does not happen” Chief Andel said.

Chief Andel Overseeing Prisoner Cleanup
Chief Andel Overseeing Prisoner Cleanup

There was some controversy when the prisoners were also seen wearing ballerina tutus which brought up issues of civil rights violations.

“What I have the prisoners wear when they perform this service shouldn’t matter.  What does matter is the these people repay their debt to the city that they have violated with their criminal activity”  said Chief Andel.

The program is to be voted on by the city council sometime this week.  If the program is approved, Chief Andel stated that it wouldn’t be mandatory but optional for the prisoners to take part in the community service program.  The program, however, is not for all prisoners.  Chief Andel said that those people arrested for serious crimes as such murder are prohibited from taking part of the program.  Chief Andel is also asking businesses owners who wish to have volunteer work for their businesses to contact the Hathian Police Department.


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