Hathian General Hospital Funds Disappearing, Medical Staff Dealing With Other Issues

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Hathian General Hospital is on a tight budget
Hathian General Hospital is on a tight budget

Hathian General Hospital is facing a state of financial crisis and is undergoing a series of budget cuts as a result while doctors are trying desperately to raise much needed money for the hospital.

Recently, almost everything at the hospital has been breaking. They keep saying there’s no money in the budget for new things because we don’t have enough revenue coming in. So it’s not a question of where the money is going to, it’s the fact we just don’t have enough going in and our bosses and the board surly aren’t going to take a pay cut. Hell, I make about half what the chief of staff would make in a hospital upstate.” Co-Chief of staff  Dr. James Matfield stated about the financial situation at Hathian General Hospital. He also added that; “Imagine this, you got a hospital that already has a tight budget in a town that seventy percent of the citizens aren’t able to pay their medical bills. A lot of these people don’t have insurance, so the state pays for some but not all. Laws require we don’t deny treatment. Above me now, is a board of directors that approves budgets, but they also pay themselves. These well dressed, sport car driving older types pretty much control how much money we get.”

Doctor Matfield believes problems are down to state cuts
Doctor Matfield believes problems are down to state cuts

Recently there have been reports of mental patients escaping from the psychiatric department in the hospital with security coming up as an issue for concern. One nurse commented, “we do need more attendants, it would seriously help out with discharge and intake.” Dr. Matfield agrees, “There were security issues because frankly? Before I took over, there was a shortage of staff in that department. Plus, the person that did the zombie stuff, was a member of staff and knew how to get around the security.”  The member of staff is a Dr. River Laveau, claims a source who works at the hospital, who also claims the hospital wouldn’t “admit it” but a check with the official police file confirms that Dr. Laveau was arrested for the zombie incidents that plagued the city a month ago. She has been sent to the Harvey Federal Institute prison since then.


HGH faces security problems and financial crisis
HGH faces security problems and financial crisis

We haven’t been sued over the zombie cases, oddly, but hopefully we don’t. We can’t afford them. Right now, Madison is being sued and if she doesn’t front the money for her own lawyer, I don’t see how the hospital can afford one.” Dr. Matfield admitted.  The cases involved several victims, hospital patients at the time,  who were drugged into a death like state and then ‘came back to life’ days after they’d been believed dead. Dr. Madison Gardner is apparently  facing a law suit issued by the Lower 9th Reject gang member Piper McAuley at the moment. Dr. Matfield also stated that, “I don’t think we should be sued for one person’s actions no. We tried hard to find the culprit and in the end, no one died for real. And we gave them all free medical care for her mistakes. Right now we barely make any money at all because we have to pay so much for malpractice insurance”  With Laveau arrested and another doctor, Dr. Madison Gardner facing a lawsuit and issues of security arising as well as lack of finance, what does the hospital plan to do?

I’ve begged the board for more money and the state and I don’t get anything in return. But, I am trying to get money other ways. I am arranging fundraisers and am even trying to get a bid on a date with one of our staff auction going.” Dr. Matfield revealed. With plenty of hard working doctors and nurses as well as EMTs working for the hospital, it seems that the lack of funds will hit the salaries and the conditions in the hospital hard. Hopefully there will be some citizens interested in helping out Hathian General Hospital and it’s dedicated medical staff or the hospital will face some serious problems which will affect every citizen regardless of their background and police record.


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