Chief Andel Arrest Deemed Illegal As Investigation Turns False

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HATHIAN – Reports are surfacing that the investigation leading to the arrest of Chief Hendrich Andel of the Hathian Police Department on March 7 was based on false information.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation say that falsified records and documents were created to make it seem that Chief Andel was involved in cases involving police brutality and other crimes.  They also say that the investigation against Chief Andel which was carried out by one of their agents, Jack Faust, never actually happened.   Jack Faust has also been reported to have been paid off by several people claiming to have been victims of vicious acts of brutality by Chief Andel, those claims which were turned out to be false.

Chief Hendrich Andel, arrested on March 7 for police brutality
Chief Hendrich Andel, arrested on March 7 for police brutality

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation has extended their sincere apologies for the malicious actions of their former agent which resulted in the wrongful imprisonment of a great officer.  We are currently in the process of getting Chief Andel released from prison in the next few days”  says Duke Montana, President of the Hathian Police Officer’s Benevolent Association.

Chief Andel is currently incarcerated at the Harvey Federal Institution for these allegations.  Jack Faust was unable to be found for a comment but the Bureau has said that Faust has been terminated from the Bureau and may face federal charges for the false arrest of Chief Andel.

The Hathian Police Officer’s Benevolent Association along with city officials are currently looking into the immediate release of Chief Andel.   They are also stating that lawsuits may been issued against the federal government for wrongful imprisonment of Hendrich Andel as well as defamation of character of both Chief Andel and Hathian Police Department.

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