Viral Video: Reject Leader Turned Milk Maid

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A video has gone viral in less than 24 hours after being posted on youtube, blocked for indecent content and then re-uploaded to ((not a real site)). With over twenty thousand views, no one expected the video to be about one of our own. In a 8 minute video, Reject leader Piper Rewell-McAuley is seen being ‘milked’ by a guard and staff member at Harvey Federal Institution a privately run prison that has just opened up. Officials assure all that the inmate agreed to the milking due to the pain she was in. Rewell had just given birth to a stillborn at the prison and there was no time frame on when the pumps would be arriving to relieve her of the pain.

“It’s weird… sure, but she agreed and medical team supported the research that breast milk does have its usefulness. I am no doctor. I am dismayed the video was taken and we have relieved the guard who infringed on our prisoner’s privacy. We are small, private facility that prides itself on the one on one care given to inmates in order to rehabilitate them so they can become productive members of society”

The warden made that statement this morning, though he would not allow Rewell to come to the podium, “She is embarrassed. She has a hard life and well.. that kind of thing no one would want to be released.” was his response to why.

Staff that wish to remain anonymous said that visitors from all over have been knocking on their doors to visit Piper and give her money and gifts in exchange for her breast milk, “Some of them are total fucking freaks…. they had bibs on… diapers. Some though… they want her milk for a foundation. i guess for babies whose mothers’ pass away. Piper has agreed to continue milking for them”

So the milking will be continuing… hopefully with a breast pump from now on.

To view the video, visit ((link to Flickr))

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