Columtreal University Student Not Dead, Attacked At Funeral

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The scene of the funeral in Vodou
The scene of the funeral in Vodou
The scene of the funeral in Vodou, Hathian.

The funeral for Columtreal University student Trixie Belladonna, 20, descended into surreal chaos and all out panic as the recently deceased cheerleader ‘rose back to life’, apparently not dead at all.

The crowd made up of Belladonna’s friends and former teammates had gathered at the cemetery in Vodou to pay their respects to the cheerleader who had been found dead in suspicious circumstances. The coffin had been lowered into the ground and rites were underway when suddenly the cheerleader appeared to revive and sat up, gasping for air.

The Columtreal University student in her coffin.
The Columtreal University student in her coffin.

Those who attended were left stunned and reeling with amazement as the Columtreal University student appeared to be alive, people screaming in fright but with one exception-local ‘zombie’ slayer Ellis Millet, 36, who had arrived at the funeral armed with a stake. Millet, who has previously been tried for assaulting and attempting to murder a doctor in a similar case, dropped down into the unfilled grave and attempted to attack Belladonna who appeared dazed and disoriented. Although confusion and fright were holding back some of the crowd, others took to shouting at Millet and some tried to intervene and hold him back from attempting to kill Belladonna.

Belladonna rising from 'the dead'.
Belladonna rising from ‘the dead’.

Millet managed to successfully wound Belladonna by running his stake through her abdominal area, causing her to bleed heavily but she was saved from more injury when an unidentified man jumped down into the unfilled grave and onto Millet before knocking him over the head with a baseball bat.With Millet unable to resist,  the man was able to lift Belladonna from her coffin and out of the grave while an ambulance arrived on the scene several moments later. Millet was able to evade arrest with no officers turning up at the scene and the crowd dispersing, an armed Millet running away.

Belladonna being carried away.
Belladonna being carried away by the unidentified man.

A reliable source confirmed that Millet now believes his own daughter, Nevah Millet, 18,  to be a zombie. “She’s a zombie, a ZOMBIE!” A text from Millet to the source’s cellphone read. Another message read “Dont know why y’all tried to stop buffy and I but right now I’m dealing with my zombie daughter so I don’t got time for your bullshit!” With a startling resemblance to the strange ‘death’ of Dr Madison Weaver, this new case of  somebody supposedly deceased returning ‘back to life’ might be part of a disturbing phenomonen. In Weaver’s case drugs were found in her system and an investigation might turn up similar results in this case. With Belladonna recovering from her injuries and ordeal and Millet evading arrest, it remains to be seen whether there will be other ‘zombie’ corpses.


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