HEMPORIUM: “I didn’t break the bong, she framed me!”

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Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Allegations from a Kimberly Keene state that she did not break the bong and she did not use counterfeit money.

Around 8:40 PM a fight broke out at Hemporium, where two employees allegedly broke a bong and framed Keene.  Keene states “I did not break that bong, I offered them money so they would leave me alone but they wouldn’t give it up!”  Keene states she was carrying a large Chanel purse, the two clerks suspected she had a gun inside and accused her of using counterfeit bills. One employee, who is remaining anonymous due to other legal issues states that she only pointed the switchblade at Keene due to thinking it was possible she was carrying a gun in her purse.  The employee soon called the police claiming that Keene was in fact carrying a firearm.

Hathian Police rushed to the scene to find out that Keene was not guilty of carrying a firearm. Keene was however charged for vandalizing property, which Keene claims she was framed.  Once Hathian Police left the crime scene,  the Hemporium employee attempted to rip out Keene’s hair. Soon after seeing there were cameramen taking pictures, the employee fled the store.  The officer had given both Keene and the employee a citation, although there has been no evidence of Keene vandalizing property. However it seems a small amount of justice was served when the Hemporium employee was given a citation as well for reporting false information. Stay safe citizens of Hathian!

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