Review: Slim Goodies Diner

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The diner was Minxes latest target in a string of robberies.

Are you looking to go out to eat for a reasonable price? Why don’t you come down to the no longer elusive diner, Slim Goodies! They serve food from Corn beef hash to Philly cheese steak  You can find the diner about a few yards away from the beach leading towards the police station. I personally had a delicious meal, quite simple but by far the best I’ve had. I ordered Fried chicken with mashed potatoes and greens as well as bread pudding. The crispiness of the chicken was very crunchy and it was nothing like I’ve ever had before, see I grew up in Chicago, Chicago wasn’t a very warm or caring place so most of the food you got from there was either good pizza and really bad tasting chicken or good chicken or really bad tasting pizza… The greens were good, I’ve never really ordered greens before but these are a must have if you want to get in touch with Louisiana roots! And the bread pudding was to die for… This is a dessert I’ve never had the pleasure of eating, it tasted like vanilla and the consistency was very moist and satisfying, I’d recommend it and this place for any wants or needs, not to mention the prices are adequate and fair! Stop by!

The warm and welcoming diner, Slim Goodies!

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