HUZZAH! The Circus is Here!

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The Amazingly Amazing Jubilee
Majesta the Magnificent
Majesta the Magnificent


People have started noticing recently an influx of colorful characters in Hathian, to make no mention of the story of a run away elephant. Don’t be alarmed! Attention Ladies & Gentlemen, boys and girls, kids of all ages – the circus is here! Local sources say that a band of traveling circus and theater performers have set up camp in Black Bottom and purchased the old Forrest Theater (now renamed to The Masquerade Theater) and are planning on a series of ongoing performances to take place right here in Hathian. The show will feature a lively troupe of acrobats, clowns, lion tamers, jugglers, knife throwers, magicians, freaks and more – and for the adults, a risque burlesque and cabaret act.


The Amazingly Amazing Jubilee
The Amazingly Amazing Jubilee

Tickets for the carnival are $8.50 each for adults and $4.00 for kids aged ten and under. Tickets for the burlesque and cabaret act at the Masquerade ¬†Theater range anywhere from $30.00 to $50.00 each for floor seats or $70.00 to $90.oo for balcony seats with included bar service. And if you can’t afford the entertainment, it’s rumored that the circus is also looking to hire stage hands and performers to join them on the stage.

So young or old, rich or poor – head on down to Black Bottom and enjoy the show!

((IM: Jubilation Lee (buffy.aura) or Majesta (piper.delvalle) for more information.))

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