H.E.L.P. Is Here! Hathian Elevated Living Project Arriving Soon

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H.E.L.P is a project set up by Mirabel Andelson
H.E.L.P is a project set up by Mirabel Andelson
H.E.L.P is a project set up by Mirabel Adelson

Mirabel Adelson, 19, youngest daughter of Sheldon Adelson, chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, has declared that a Mission House will be established in Hathian with the aim”to provide for the less fortunate living below the poverty line.”Andelson, who studies pyschology at Columtreal University and also interns at the Free Minds Clinic on Hathian Highway, has plegeded to establish a Mission House that will include, “will provide a soup kitchen and private dorm-style living quarters for anyone that can’t afford to provide those for themselves. We will also be offering Medical and Legal Aid services to those unable to pay for those services. Regardless if they’re living under our roof, or their own.”


Andelson, pictured on vacation
Adelson, pictured on vacation

The Hathian Observer met with Adelson to interview her about the scheme earlier this week.

H.Observer: Why did you decide to set up this project?

M.Adelson: “I’ve been seeing children on the streets here, heard people lament their ability to pay for medical treatment. I want to be able to help with those things.”

H.Observer:  Who will be allowed to use the facilities that the Mission House will provide? Is it a facility that is targeted for children, young adults or the old?

M.Adelson:”The Mission House isn’t aiming to target anyone specifically, but the facility will provide a safe environment for anyone that needs it.” Mirabel explains that, “It’s not targetting anyone specifically, because there is no way to dictate who is and is not in need.”

H.Observer:  With gang crime one of the main threats to businesses and institutions in the city, how will you ensure the Mission House will be a safe environment and keep out gang members?

M.Adelson: “once the facility is up and running, I will be hiring a security staff to ensure the facility is a safe and clean environment for the residents. There will be state of the art security CCTV throughout the building in the public areas as well. There wont be any need for ID. We will not be tagging residents. Provided we have room, people are free to come and go as need dictates.”

H.Observer: Where will the Mission House be located and why?

M. Adelson: “The location is on the edge of Vodou, beside the Shen Gallery. This location was chosen for it’s proximity to the downtown core, making it easy for people to get to it. I’ve named the Mission the Hathian Elevated Living Project, as the facility is going to be designed to raise the quality of living for those that use itI’ve named the Mission the Hathian Elevated Living Project, as the facility is going to be designed to raise the quality of living for those that use it.”

Andelson is currently interning at Free Mind's clinic which helps pay for her major.
Adelson is currently interning at Free Mind’s clinic which helps pay for her major.

H.Observer: What challenges do you expect to face or have faced already in starting up this project?

M. Adelson: “I’ve already waded through the beurocratic red tape. My proposal to City Hall was approved and I’m cleared to begin construction.The challenges I expect? I suppose that will be getting things up and running smoothly. Once I have a staff of volunteers to help out with day to day business, I’m sure it will all work out just fine. Afterall, I have my father’s nose for business.”

H.Observer: How is this scheme being funded and are there other people/business involved?

M. Adeslon: “I would say I’m the driving force, I suppose, though there are others that have already expressed interest in helping out. The Manager of the Clam, Aspen Normandy, has offered his assistance. The Manager of the Shen Gallery, Inara Shen is already planning a charity event for the 5th of February between seven and ten pm to raise funds for the HELP Mission. The cover charge and half of all art purchases will be going toward HELP’s coffers.”

Adelson also added that, “so far I have the support of Shen Gallery, The Daily Grind, and The Clam Convenience. I’m looking to get more businesses involved, of course. I’ll be speaking with the HGH and Civil Services to see if they have any doctors or lawyers willing to do pro bono work for HELP residents. It is my plan to get the community involved in getting themselves to a higher standard of living.”

H.Observer: Is there anything you’d like to let people know about the project?

M.Adelson: “Just to let people know that even though the facility is not yet constructed, they’re still welcome to come by and make use of the temporary trailer facilities that have been put in place for the time being. HELP is within reach.”


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