Local Doctor still Alive?

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Over a year had passed since local physician and professor, beloved father James Matfield had allegedly passed away in a fire.  While very scant details emerged around the fire that consumed the then 28 year olds home, one which left his three children without parents, not much more was said of the investigation.  Now the house is gone and a new house has rose up in its spot, the town moves on.  However, today the Observer received news that a man that fit the description of the Doctor had surfaced in a Baton Rouge hospital.  So they sent this report to investigate, thinking it was just indeed a rumor or someone trying to stir up trouble for the Matfield family, which has did its best to put this all behind them.

Upon arriving in Baton Rouge, they usher this reporter up to the nurse who called and gave us the tip.  After a brief conversation, we are informed that the patient has no memory of anything from the past four years, but thinks he just graduated from medical school.  This didn’t sound like the doctor from Hathian, so we go on into visit the patient, whom was barely awake. Sure enough, it was indeed James Matfield, at least in appearance.   Apparently he had been in a coma for nearly a year after being found battered, bruised and near dead north of New Orleans.  Local authorities didn’t fully Id the patient at the time of the accident and thanks to some paper work shuffles and hospital transfers, the case wasn’t followed up on until recently.  While they couldn’t find any positive identification on him, they kept him in the hospital until he woke up as recent as just a few weeks ago and were able to answer some general questions about who he was.

Only the investigators still do not know what to make of it.  Where he was found, there was no signs of a motorcycle wreck and his wallet and any other identifying materials were missing.  They dug into his medical file after he woke up and told them his name, only to find that he thinks he is four years younger than he is as well.  Further research shows he had a motorcycle accident around that time, so the doctors believe his mind has reset temporarily to that point.  They do not know if this form of retrograde amnesia is permanent, but Matfield is conscious and awake so that is a big improvement over the last year in the battle he’s had.  Most his injuries are healed and the doctors believe he needs to return to his home and try to be around familiar surroundings.  Thing is, their records say he lives in Hathian, yet James swears he was moving to Dead End.  He is struggling to grasp the idea that he has lost four years’ worth of memories.  We didn’t even mention his children, but when we told him that he’d been Chief of medicine at one point, he simply laughed.

It is unclear about where to go from here as he needs to be transferred from this hospital to the one in Hathian before cleared.  With his memory in tatters though, one would have to wonder if it’s not best to just let him start over from the beginning of the four years he lost, or to try to rebuild what’s left.  We will post more as it becomes available. As this reporter finished typing this, nothing has been set in stone as to the future of James Matfield.


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