Brutal Murder in Graveyard

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This stomach turning image is all that remains of what was once a beautiful young lady. It appears as if she were scalped, had her eyes removed, cut up into pieces, and left to rot. Surely she must have suffered a lot of pain, according to autopsy. It appears she was alive for most of the brutal scene, only having died after her body went into shock from pain, or loss of blood. The only form of I.D. the police were able to scrape off her corpse was a small trace of blood. The body had almost bled dry, but there was just enough to gather a small sample. The DNA in the blood belonged to Lenore Edgerson. She lived in an apartment just east of the graveyard, and was fairly new to town. No one had really known much of her at all really. She had no known enemies, and no afflictions with local gangs. Ironic…most die BEFORE they reach this place…but it appears she was murdered right there in the graveyard. Who did this, why they did it, or the exact details of how they did it are only known to those who lie within the graves, and their lips are eternally sealed. Will anyone ever find out what happened in this twisted scene, or will it be buried in the dirt as one of Hathian’s many dark secrets?

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