Fetish Services Provided By Professional Entertainer And Dancer Ms Ashlee King

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For all your needs, don’t hesitate to contact Ms King

Looking to host a party? Gathering? Looking for something different in entertainment? Professional pole dancer Ashlee King, also known as Angel Red, may be just what you are looking for. Trained in ballet, belly dancing, and pole dancing she combines the beauty of all three to create a piece of art that goes beyond the show at your local club. But her talents don’t end there. While Miss King offers artistry and elegance in her performances, she also offers sensuality, sexiness, and kink. If the type of gathering you are looking to entertain calls for a more *clears throat* risqué type of show, that too can be arranged as she does not shy from nudity or hands on performances. Aside from her performances, Miss King is known to partake in fetish modeling and offers fetish services. Not sure what exactly fetish services are? Well..do you like a little spanking? Perhaps being tied, cuffed, restrained and gagged?

Maybe a little harsh name calling or something to sting and welt the skin? Have something in mind of your own kink, bring it to the table and it can be discussed. Yes, this pleasurable pain is also something that is offered by the lovely Miss King. Interested? Feel free to call for arrangements at 555-666-6461 or E-mail at [email protected] ((Contact Teagan Wickertower in IMs))

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