Previous Zero Victim Survives Another Attack Over Alleged ‘Retaliation’

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Ash Kolmskull lies injured on the streets after being dumped by associates of Zero
Ash Kolmskull lies injured on the streets after being dumped by associates of Zero

Ash Kolmskull,18, former HPD rookie and a victim of previous attacks by Zeros, was rushed to Hathian General Hospital Tuesday evening after being discovered seriously injured, dumped on Main Street, in the downtown area,  not too far from the police station.

Kolmskull was found bound by her wrists and ankles.

Kolmskull admitted that she had suffered another attack from Zero associate Genevieve Milos and a man she identified known as King but this time over retaliation for supposedly  finding one of their associates-known as Kozzy-cutting and torturing him.  Kolmskull stated. LJ Kolmskull, her sister, had been targeted after they suspected the  Kolmskulls and a friend of assaulting their associate Kozz. LJ Kolmskull may have been taken   by the criminals, leaving her sister desperately worried, ” help me get LJ back before shes dead, you don’t have half any idea of what these fuckers have done,” Ash Kolmskull said in a statment to the paper, refusing to comment on whether the allegations of targeting and torturing Kozzy are true or not.

She had been looking for her sister and was attacked by Milos and King, sustaining several injuries; a cracked rib, several bruises, and a broken nose. The friend who found Kolmskull had to cut through zip ties which were binding Kolmskull’s wrists and ankles together, after calling 911.

LJ Kolmskull pictured above.

Kolmskull is desperate to find her sister who she believes is with the Zeros. In the past, Kolmskull has survived kidnappings and brutal tortures at the hands of these criminals, but it seems this time there are questions arising over the level of involvement that Kolmskull herself has and the motivations for this recent attack. Kolmskull is now on a mission to find her sister before things get worse. If anybody has seen or heard anything in regards to the whereabouts of LJ Kolmskull, please inform the Hathian Police Department.


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